60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

If you do any of these things listed on Ask Reddit then you are acting older than your age.

59. I pat myself down before I leave the house. Wallet… yep, keys… yep, phone… yep.

60. I am prompt. Aggressively prompt. I very much dislike being late to stuff. If you tell me to meet you at 6. I will be there at 6. If you want to go to dinner at 7. I will be there with table at exactly 7. If you’re having a party and you don’t want people to come until 8, so you tell everyone to be there at 7:30, I’m going to be there at seven fucking thirty. If you didn’t want me to be there until 8, don’t tell me to be there until 8. TC mark


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