60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

If you do any of these things listed on Ask Reddit then you are acting older than your age.

1. A movie? I’ll get there 45 minutes early to make sure I have enough time to buy tickets and snacks. A doctor’s appointment? Better leave an hour early to make sure I get there in time to fill out any paperwork that might be needed before I go in. Going somewhere with a friend? Well I better show up early just in case they show up early, I don’t wanna leave them standing around awkwardly. Plus, what if there’s some freak traffic event that holds me up for 20 minutes?

2. “Why are you texting me so late?” — Me, getting a text after 10:00-10:30

3. I get excited when I buy household items like a panini maker and glade plugins. New socks are always cool too.