50 Survival Tips For Living With Your Forever Person

If you are planning on moving in with your person, make sure you follow this valuable advice from Ask Reddit.

1. Talk about the little things that bug you right away don’t let it build up until you hate the way they breathe across the table.

2. Have your own spaces. Feeling like you’ve lost independence can mess with a relationship. You’re coming together, and that is awesome, but you can be closer if you also feel secure that you are still yourself.

3. My husband’s advice: Get ready to change a little bit. Living with someone requires you to change some habits. You’re going to have to compromise, and that’s okay. Your day to day life is going to change, and that’s okay too.

My advice: let the little things go as often as you can. Changing your habits is REALLY HARD. Your partner is not leaving the cap off the toothpaste every day on purpose or to spite you, and I know it’s annoying because you’ve asked him to put it back on a million times. But it is honestly so much easier to just put the lid back on yourself and go about your day. And, ideally, your partner will be doing those little things for you, too. My husband hates it when I leave my shoes in the living room. I promise I’m not doing it on purpose, I just can’t seem to remember. He consistently forgets to lock the front door. Every night. Drives me nuts. But I’ll lock it for him, because he’s carrying my shoes to the closet for me.


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