50 Stories About Christmas Presents That Will Make You Ugly Cry

50 Stories About Christmas Presents That Will Make You Ugly Cry

WARNING: You will cry when reading these holiday stories from Ask Reddit.

1. My husband just gave me a small urn-type necklace to place some of my fathers ashes in. I think it’s one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received.

2. My sister had a local artist convert photos of my two previous and current dog into Pokemon cards and then had those cards beautifully framed.

The cards were of supreme quality, the art was reminiscent of the old classics and the movies, the tiny details were amazing.

To see my beloved family members immortalized in one of my favorite mediums was really touching.

3. For my mother’s last Christmas she wrote down some of her best recipes on index cards and put them in a box for me. She died of cancer less than a year later. I still have those recipes and her handwriting. She was already very sick and off work and I was still in college so money was scarce, but she spent what she could on a pack of blank index cards and a little box and made the best Christmas present while taking her chemo treatments.