50 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Dating A Psychopath

50 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Dating A Psychopath

If you see red flags, pay attention to them. Don’t end up like these people from Ask Reddit who dated a psychopath.

1. When he told me. Had been dating this guy awhile and (I thought) things were going really well. I’ll never forget the day because he took me to see Aladdin. We get back to my place and everything’s normal. We’re conversing and suddenly he gets this weird look in his eyes.

He says, ‘I can’t see you anymore. I’m afraid I might hurt you.’ I’m thinking hurt, like cheat on me, you know – psychologically. I kind of laughed and told him not to worry I was a grown up and whatever happened we could try and work it out.

His voice changed and he looked even worse and said, ‘You don’t understand. I’ve been having these dreams where I hurt you. I mean really hurt you.’ Then, he jumped off the couch and ran out the front door. Never saw him again. Never tried to call him cause it really shook me up. I guess I should be glad it stopped there. He just seemed so normal up to that point.

2. Well, we were on the freeway one day, I was driving. I said something mildly teasing, and she put her hands over my eyes and said, “Apologize or we both die!”

I did apologize, and soon after that, I extricated myself from that relationship.

3. One day I woke up to find all the men missing from my Facebook friends list. Including cousins and uncles. My ex didn’t think I’d notice.

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