50 People On Their 'Bad Gut Feeling' That Turned Out To Be Right 

50 People On Their ‘Bad Gut Feeling’ That Turned Out To Be Right 

Listen to your gut feelings because you might be right, just like these people from Ask Reddit.

1. Sister always got a weird vibe from her friend’s dad and family when they were in high school.

Couple of years after she left school everyone found out that he was a serial killer and that the whole family had known the entire time and helped him cover up some of the things he had done.

2. I’m not very good with horror movies because I stay scared for hours after they end. A friend in college loved them. She convinced me to go see the first Paranormal Activity. Of course, after the movie we left and I was very jumpy.

That night, both my childhood home and my place of work (in another state) caught fire.

My name is Katie.

In the movie, the main character Katie has her childhood home burned down by a demon.


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