50 Micro Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Going To End Soon

50 Micro Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Going To End Soon

These non-obvious, early warning signs from Ask Reddit will let you know whether your relationship is doomed.

20. You find yourself not wanting to sleep next to them. You resent them and have things you want to resolve but know it won’t be well received. They skip out on things important to you. They expect you to care for them while sick, but when you are sick they do nothing for you. They don’t make you feel wanted or appreciated. You feel used and taken for granted. Sexual attraction dicipates. One of you starts sleeping on the couch randomly and often. You have a hard time getting the other to talk about anything. You feel a constant tension in the house. You start feeling like you live with a ghost that is haunting you and you can’t communicate with it.

21. You feel like there is nothing between the silence and the sex. You find yourself fighting and making promises far more than sticking to them. When you do something for your partner, you feel resentful rather than happy.

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