50 Micro Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Going To End Soon

50 Micro Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Going To End Soon

These non-obvious, early warning signs from Ask Reddit will let you know whether your relationship is doomed.

11. You feel strongly about something but you don’t want to talk about it because you know it’ll just become an argument that won’t be resolved satisfactorily.

12. When they become non-commital on plans, especially those that involve reservations.

When the conversation seems less full than it used to be, as if you are just going through the motions of asking how each other’s day was.

When deep, personal conversations either remain more superficial than before or stay mired in prolonged unresolved conflict.

When they ask if you ever think about dating other people (not non-obvious, but how on Earth I missed that one is beyond me).

When their five-year plan changes vastly, seemingly out of the blue.

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