50 Micro Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Going To End Soon

50 Micro Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Going To End Soon

These non-obvious, early warning signs from Ask Reddit will let you know whether your relationship is doomed.

1. If you keep asking them to hang out or make plans for something but they ignore you, they stop responding to your texts, start calling you crazy because you got mad for their lack of communication, knowingly lie to you and or conveniently hide things from you. Won’t make time for you but expects you to be available for them anytime.

2. When the communication slows to a trickle. When you look up one day and realize ya’ll haven’t had a conversation beyond what to have for dinner or what movie to watch. It’s much more obvious when communication dies altogether. But when it slows to a trickle, when you notice it’s going, that’s when you should pay extra attention. But when you put in your best efforts to get the conversation flowing again, and they don’t reciprocate, that’s when the relationship is in real trouble.

3. When instead of getting excited to see their messages you get annoyed and/or feel smothered.