50 Meaningful Pieces Of Advice From Adults Who Were Depressed As Teenagers

50 Meaningful Pieces Of Advice From Adults Who Were Depressed As Teenagers

These adults from Ask Reddit share what they would tell the younger versions of themselves as they struggled with depression.

7. It’s a lot of hard work, but actually putting in the hard work and not blaming other people or circumstances for my own problems is a lot more worthwhile, liberating and healthy. I would probably say to myself, “The world isn’t against you, you’re working against yourself by being lazy and giving up before you even try and it’s making you miserable. Also, don’t let one person distract you from making a future for yourself and potential family. That person might not be around later, your future will always be there. Also don’t just listen to one side of anything, listen to both sides of an argument, look at all the evidence and make up your own mind and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and confusion.

8. You know when you have the flu and your nose is blocked? It’s such a shitty thing and you realize you don’t even notice breathing through your nose is so fucking amazing until you can’t do it. That’s happiness post depression. I’m not just ‘not depressed’ anymore, I’m FUCKING ECSTATIC because I have something (absolute zero) to compare it to.

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