50+ Intelligent Questions To Ask During A Job Interview 

50+ Intelligent Questions To Ask During A Job Interview 

The next time you have a job interview and are asked if you have any questions, use one of these from Ask Reddit.

1. Who are the heroes at your company? What characteristics do the people who are most celebrated have in common with each other? Conversely, what are the characteristics that are common to the promising people you hired, but who then flamed out and failed or left? As I’m considering whether or not I’d be successful here, how should I think about the experiences of the heroes and of the flame-outs?

2. What’s your position on employee work/life balance?

3. Is there anything that stood out as especially positive or negative on my resume? What did you see that made you want to interview me? Are there any skills that I don’t have that would make me better suited to this position?

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