Hilarious Sign Language Gestures 

50 Hilarious Sign Language Gestures 

Ask Reddit can teach you some fun facts about sign language!

49. I am not sure if this is a conventional sign but my grandmother signs Starbucks by making a fist and doing circles on the inside of her elbow. She does this because the sign for coffee is two fists one above the other doing opposing concentric circles like you are grinding coffee and the sign for drugs is making a fist and pounding the inside of your elbow like you are shooting up. She combines the two because she says she’s addicted to Starbucks.

50. The “joke” sign for UNDERWEAR: it’s the sign for WHERE signed in the same location as the dominant hand in the sign for UNDER.

Another one is signing YELLOW and then the sign/classifier for FLOOD going up your face to your eye. It means you have to pee really badly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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