50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

These grinches from Ask Reddit reveal why this season isn’t actually the happiest one of all.

21. I try to mask my “grinch” emotions as best I can, but I think that everyone who has been through their parents separating (especially after a lengthy, unhealthy relationship) can say that the holidays never feel the same again. To look at a Christmas tree and have your mind automatically jump back to a memory of your parents getting along and laughing together while watching you open presents. Nothing hurts more than to know that you will never have that again and I assure you that, even as you grow older, the memory consistently returns to haunt you. I’m 23 now and have these memory flash at least once a day during the holiday season due to the stimuli of Christmas music, driving past homes decorated in lights, etc. To see the shell of what my family used to be and all of the negative fallout from the separation is enough to turn “the most wonderful time of the year” into the most miserable without a doubt

22. It interrupts my routine.

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