50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

These grinches from Ask Reddit reveal why this season isn’t actually the happiest one of all.

16. Having to pretend that my family is the picture perfect family we look like in our Christmas card.

17. I’m a grown-ass married women but I STILL don’t feel like my husband or I have any autonomy…because we don’t have kids.

People expect us to be here, or to be there, or its at the wrong time or its not enough time. We can never seem to make anyone happy.

Last year I tried to leave my sister-in-law’s at 9pm after being there for 11 hours. I said I was tired. Her response? “You won’t know what tired is until you have kids.” Firstly, people with kids don’t have the monopoly on being tired, that’s not a thing. Secondly, great! If you’re tired too let’s all go to bed! She was crying and crying and bringing things up from TWO Christmases ago (related to how much time spent with her family compared to my family). Made me feel like trash.

And I used to love love love Christmas…


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