50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

These grinches from Ask Reddit reveal why this season isn’t actually the happiest one of all.

8. I hate the materialism that goes into it. Having worked in retail for several years, I was told in multiple years that I ‘ruined Christmas’ because we were out of some thing that was critically important to having the ‘perfect’ Christmas. At time, the customer was shopping the week before Christmas and should have expected that popular items would be hard to find.

I love the family aspects of Christmas but that gets drowned out.

9. I don’t have any family or close friends so it’s a lonely time for me. For those who have family to spend it with and get an opportunity to do fun things, I’m happy for them—but I’m also jealous.

As it were, I work in a job that’s 24/7/365 and have to work on the holiday. People always ask me if I’d rather be doing something else on Christmas. I would, but it’s not an option, even if I had the day off. Leave me alone.

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