50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

50 Grinches Complain About The Reason They Cannot Stand Christmas 

These grinches from Ask Reddit reveal why this season isn’t actually the happiest one of all.

26. Seeing everyone hang out with their friends, while I’m here all alone.

27. I hate buying gifts for adults. To me, Christmas is 100% a children’s holiday. I adore getting gifts for my own kids, love buying stuff for my niece. I enjoyed buying things for my cousins when they were little. However, gift buying for adults is just a chore. In my family, most of us are blessed enough to just go out and buy the things we want. My husband wanted a gaming computer last Christmas, so he went and got himself one. I needed new boots, so I went and bought them, etc.

Gifts for adults just end up being impersonal crap – candles, sweaters, gift baskets, etc. or things, for the most part, I neither like nor would use. Honestly, I’d must rather just keep the money I spend on that crap in my own pocket and have all the other adults in the family do the same. I think we’d all be happier for it – less time shopping, less money spent, less household clutter.

Yep, I’m a total Grinch.

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