50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

This holiday season, make sure you don’t get any of your loved ones a present on this list from Ask Reddit.

15. My aunt gifted me a snow-scraper for my car. When I opened it she said “I bet you don’t have one of those! “

I was 21, living in northern Midwest and driving everyday. Including that day, which had 4″ of snow.

I gave it away to some fool clearing his widow with a credit card a few weeks later.

16. My grandma went to a paint and sip thing in which she got shmacked and painted the world’s worst flower. She then found a framed stitching of a bird in her closet. She wrapped both of these things and gave them to my sister and I, while she and my parents were pretending that she was losing her mind. My sister and I sat there pretending how great the gifts were and how talented a painter she was.

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