50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

This holiday season, make sure you don’t get any of your loved ones a present on this list from Ask Reddit.

40. This is kind of a shitty/hilarious gift. Around Christmas in college, my fraternity would do a Secret Santa exchange (draw a name out of a hat and buy that person a gift). We had a $20 limit on the gifts, and we would exchange them at our annual Christmas party. The first year, my fraternity brother got me a framed picture of him sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall. Not one from his childhood, but one he went to the mall to get earlier that week. It was a terrible gift, but it was hilarious.

41. A 1kg box of dried milk for babies from my uncle

We don’t have any kids and they knew….

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