50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

This holiday season, make sure you don’t get any of your loved ones a present on this list from Ask Reddit.

29. I got a spray that you use against foot-odor by my Sister last Christmas, she had packed in a box for a power tool I wanted so I went from excited to disappointed.

She got a quite expensive set of fancy soaps and body products + a gift card from me.

Apparently she gave the power tool to some friend and gave me the box.

30. My mom is always cold. One day she and dad were at a friend’s house, she complained she was cold and friend went and got her a hot water bag thing. She LOVED it. Gushed on and on about how great it was (my mom is a weirdo and loudly overreacts to evvverrrything) My dad paid attention. Come Christmas time, he was SO proud of himself because he had taken note of the stupid hot water bag thing and was gonna get get one for Christmas.

Christmas morning: Mom dad, teenage me and my brother are all sitting around Christmas tree, my mom opens her gift. My dad is smiling bc he FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT (mom is always mad because his gifts suck). Mom opens… A douche kit. He had purchased her a fucking douchebag. I lost my mind.

31. I have a few, all from my husband’s wonderful family. One year, his step-dad’s mother gave me a pair of dirty socks, all wrapped up in pretty paper. I knew they were dirty because they were stained and I could smell the stench the second I unwrapped them.

Another year, MIL was so excited to gift me a fancy cake decorating set. I opened it up when I got home & it was very obviously used-she must have used it for her deviled eggs, and didn’t clean it well enough.

I have never used it because I have no idea who had it before her.

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