50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

50 Gifts You Should Not Think About Getting Anyone This Christmas 

This holiday season, make sure you don’t get any of your loved ones a present on this list from Ask Reddit.

22. Cousin gave me a picture of herself for Christmas.

23. My uncle got me a taxidermied dove.

24. My grandmother and her dolls! Most little girls love dolls, but that was never me. Probably because I had a grandmother who was a doll maker. I should preface this story with a little back story as to my trauma/fear of dolls being rooted in the fact I would have to stay in the room my grandmother used as a doll assembly room whenever I visiting this side of the family. The bed I slept in was across from a work station with unpainted doll heads, body parts, and eyes laying about like some sort of bad horror, movie minus the fake blood.

Now to the worst gift… My grandmother made a doll that was supposed to look like ME when I was ~6-7 years old! The doll was porcelain, so very fragile, and hand painted by my grandmother in a slightly off putting way. It also wore a frilly blue dress like the twin girls from The Shining wore. Because it was fragile, this doll was for display only. I was required to display this doll in a prominent place in my room for years. This doll stared down at me from my dresser with it’s creepy doll eyes that promised to murder me in my sleep.

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