50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

These are the creepiest texts, emails, and phone calls people from Ask Reddit have ever received.

50. I accidentally got talking to a crazy Christian chick who was engaged to get married in a few months. Her husband is a ginger and I am also – turns out she has a major fetish for them.

One day she was talking to me online while playing a modded version of the Sims video game. She popped up and said “hey, look what I built”. She sends me a few screenshots of the game: turns out she’d made myself and her husband in a gay relationship on the game. The details were scarily accurate with the face / body creation. The first screenshot I got was me, in game, naked (the mod has full nude Sims with penises and all) with my legs spread on a kitchen bench with her husband fucking me in the ass.

Yes, I still have the pictures. I slowly stopped talking to her after that. TC mark


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