50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

These are the creepiest texts, emails, and phone calls people from Ask Reddit have ever received.

46. I got it forwarded to me on social media from a girl I knew.

There was a girl who went to my high  school, she was obviously interested in me but I had friend zoned her but found her pleasant company at least.

We used to ride the bus together and socialize a bit on breaks. She would often bring me coffee and stuff with the morning bus.

Anyway it turned out she was obsessed and would write to this other girl about her fantasies and told her how she planned to mix a love potion into my coffee. I got forwarded all these stories, details and plans she’d been thinking up over a year. Quite scary shit.

47. For me, the creepiest thing that I ever received was back when I used Instagram and I was into all these cringey fandom communities. Just for clarification, I’m a heterosexual male, so when I received a message from one of my followers that said, “[real name here] I love you, so much, and I almost killed myself when I found out you weren’t gay, I’m in the hospital now and I really cant stop thinking about you, please date me, please go out with me, etc” I was in school at the time and I came back to almost 6 paragraphs of stories he would wrote where he made a “compilation” for me and said that he would never leave me. The biggest shock to me is that I was 13 at the time and he was almost 20. I froze up and I didn’t know what else to do. So I deleted my Instagram. I had almost 4000 followers at the time but I knew that after a message like this, I was no longer safe.


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