50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

These are the creepiest texts, emails, and phone calls people from Ask Reddit have ever received.

26. I received a recycled number and the previous owner had used it everywhere from his bank to shopping websites so I used to get a lot of spam. I even tried to explain to the bank when they called regarding the account. One day someone added me on Snapchat through my phone number and upon seeing my Snapchat story, a 35 year old woman replied to my story of watching Star wars by saying, “I attended your funeral.”

27. I used to get calls from a random number and the person would leave voice mails: “Hi (my name) I’m gonna find you, you have to talk to me.” I never found out who it was and I did not recognize the voice. It was creepy.

28. A few weeks after moving to a new city I got a phone call from a women I didn’t know telling me that two guys I had never heard of were very pissed because I had interfered with their business and I should better watch my back. It seemed moderately absurd but didn’t sound like a prank call either.

So I watched my back for a while but nothing ever happened.


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