50 Dark, Disturbing Stories To Add To Your 2019 Reading List 

50 Dark, Disturbing Stories To Add To Your 2019 Reading List 

If you’re looking for something to read, check out these book suggestions from Ask Reddit.

 4. I just finished a book called “Indifferent Stars Above”.

It was recommended on a podcast I listen to called Last Podcast On The Left. It’s about the Donner Party and their “hardships” around the Sierra Nevada during their journey to California. It’s a true story and involves a lot cannibalism. Like straight up kids eating their parents kinda deal. It’s harrowing enough to make you never want to go out into the snow.

5. Two book series actually. Both are from Quebec.

The first is called “Cobayes” which would translate to “Guinea Pig”. Each book follows a different person in the same medical trial and how the injection affects each. It ranks from becoming a religious fanatic to becoming a serial killer or cannibal.

The second one is called “The forbidden tales” which are dark retelling of classic fairy tales such as “The little mermaid” where the character grows in a circus and is exposed as a freak and real life mermaid alongside a lobster boy and is also sold for sex after hours. Another one in the series is “Peter Pan” where Hook is a detective who got his hand chopped off and eaten by a cannibalistic criminal nicknamed the crocodile who is also obsessed with watches and where Peter kidnaps children to bring them to a ranch called Neverland.

Both are pretty dark.

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