50 Brutally Honest Pieces Of Advice You Should Follow In Your Twenties

50 Brutally Honest Pieces Of Advice You Should Follow In Your Twenties

Ask Reddit has some important advice to pass down to anyone in their twenties.

1. You can talk back to your brain. Talk back to your bad thoughts and tell them they’re wrong. Not every bad thought is a reality. Also, bad days are okay. A bad day does not equal a bad life.

2. Being an adult is about running into problems and in one way or another overcoming all of them. No putting off or discarding the ones you don’t like. They’re your problems and you have to deal with and resolve them.

3. Don’t quit things just because you’re not naturally gifted at them. There’s a lot to be gained from being part of a team even if you’re not the star player.

Also, no one is looking at you and no one cares what you’re doing! They’re worried about themselves.

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