29 Men On The Weird Things Women Do That They’ll Never Understand

1. Shaving off their eyebrows and drawing them back on.

β€œShaving off their eyebrows and drawing them back on.”


2. Lugging around purses that weigh more than a newborn.

β€œI don’t know if it’s stupid, but why the hell do you lug a purse around that weighs more than a newborn?”


3. Hogging the closet.

β€œMy girlfriend occupies literally 98% of our massive 12ft. by 6ft. walk in closet and constantly complains that she has nothing to wear.

I have one half of one rack in that closet and feel like I could cut even that down and still easily get by.

I don’t get it. I don’t know that I want to.”


4. Wasting money on jewelry while ragging on how we spend our money.

β€œFirst she’ll spend multiple hundreds on a piece of jewelry and wear it 3 times a year, then she’ll judge me for spending $600 on a motorcycle helmet I wear hours every day for months on end.”



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