50 World Travelers Tell Their Creepiest Hotel Stories 

50 World Travelers Tell Their Creepiest Hotel Stories 

When you travel the world like these people from Ask Reddit, you see some disturbing things.

1. When I was about four years old my family ended up staying at the Cedar Lodge motel where Cary Stayner worked right before he murdered four women. My family drove to Yosemite, and it was a long drive for us (three kids all under the age of seven plus two adults and a fuckton of mountains will do that). By the time we arrived at the motel, it was late, we were all cranky, and we couldn’t wait to get out. But the moment we pulled in, something set my mom’s teeth on edge and she insisted that we leave and find another hotel, reservation or not. My mom has always had this like sixth sense and her gut has actually saved us a couple of times but my dad was tired and convinced her to ignore her gut and stay for just the night and the next morning we’d leave. I can remember my mom actually refusing to let go of our hands, making us stay right by her side as she kept looking around while checking in. To try and get her to relax, my dad suggested we go to the pool, thinking it would calm her down. Well, when we got there, there were no towels so my mom called the front desk. The moment the man delivering towels arrived, my mom immediately grabbed us out of the water and rushed us back to the room. The man gave her the absolute creeps and she says there was just this feeling of pure evil when he looked at us. That night my mom and dad pushed the dresser in front of the door and had us all sleep in the same bed. The next morning, we left to go to another hotel but my mom couldn’t stop talking about how evil that motel was. About two months later, she and my dad were up late watching the news when they started reporting on a man who had murdered a woman and two young girls in Yosemite. Just as my mom began to say, “I bet it was at that motel” they showed Cary Stayners face and said it occurred at the Cedar Lodge motel. Cary Stayner was the man who brought us our towels at the pool. We’ve never gone back to Yosemite and my mom is always insistent that we listen to our gut feeling and when every bone in your body is telling you something is wrong, gtfo.

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