50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

Guys deserve compliments too. Make yours feel wanted by reading through the best compliments these men from Ask Reddit have ever received.

17. I was shopping for clothes with my wife and kid about a year ago, and I went to pay while they’d wait outside. As I approached the cashier, she put down whatever she was doing and turned to greet me, and that’s when she made a genuinely confused/embarrassed face. She noticed that she confused me with that reaction and apologized completely saying that she was a bit blown away when she saw my face – she wasn’t expecting to see someone so good-looking and it startled her I guess.

It was a nice ego boost at the time since she was quite attractive actually, and I was probably at my fattest, but I guess I had a good beard and hair day.

18. One time I was taking the train home from work like I always do and some random guy standing next to me said “I really like your shirt” right before he got off at his stop. It was just a normal striped button down that I had worn a million times. Made my day! I still think about it sometimes when I’m on the train.


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