50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

Guys deserve compliments too. Make yours feel wanted by reading through the best compliments these men from Ask Reddit have ever received.

44. I dated this girl for a few months about a year and a half ago. Everything was going well but then she just ghosted me and I didn’t hear from her for 8 months. I didn’t think much of it but then she got into contact with me and explained that she had went back to her home country because there was an emergency with her family. We reconciled but I had just started dating another girl and told her I didn’t want to get back together with her because of that. Anyway, about a week later, I heard from a mutual friend that had been out with her that if she said “If I had known I would have never let him go. No other guy has treated me anywhere near as good as he did.”

So yeah, that’s a pretty memorable compliment.

45. When I worked at Chipotle back when they had long lines, a lady in her 40s got her food, ate, then got back in line. She got to the front, I wait to take her order and she just says “I wanted to tell you that you are going to make a great father one day.” I was a little confused but said thanks and then she left. Still a bit confused where that came from, but a compliments a compliment. Still feels good.


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