50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

Guys deserve compliments too. Make yours feel wanted by reading through the best compliments these men from Ask Reddit have ever received.

43. Some years back, when kiddo was an infant, I was grocery shopping with kiddo in the cart. I noticed a cute woman in the veggie section as I was getting stuff.

A couple minutes later I helped an older woman who was in a motorized wheelchair. I was in no rush that day, so I went with her and got stuff from shelves. There were folks who had helped my grandmother with stuff like that, so I was trying to pay it forward. Also kiddo was really charmed by her, so they flirted and it was really cute.

I get her to the front, then go back to my shopping. A minute after that, I’m grabbing a couple frozen things and the cute woman comes up. She says something along the lines of “I see your ring, and I swear I’m not trying to hit on you, but you’re very cute, and then I saw you being nice to that lady, and playing with your baby, and now you’re super cute, and your wife is really lucky!” There were some ums and stammers in there, and she blushed as I thanked her, and then raced off.

But damn, y’all. That was some top-notch complimenting, and I damn near strutted out of that store.


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