50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

50 Ways To Express Your Love For Him With Words Of Affirmation 

Guys deserve compliments too. Make yours feel wanted by reading through the best compliments these men from Ask Reddit have ever received.

1. I’ve always been told that I am cynical and negative.

But one time, a girl I was dating said otherwise.

I told her this, and she shrugged. Without realizing how much it meant to me, she said:

“I never thought that about you. I just thought, you know. You know people can do better, so you expect them to not be shitty. And you let them know when they suck. I never saw you as negative at all.”

This is essentially the only time in my life someone verbalized how I feel and it’s stuck with me ever since.

2. Was at Starbucks and the attractive barista asked for my name to put on the cup. I told her, but when I got my cup it said “handsome guy.” Made my week.

3. I’m a little self-conscious of my laugh because it literally sounds like a dying hyena, and I’ve had a couple girls tell me “OMG I love your laugh” and “you have the best laugh,” that always puts a smile on my face thinking about that.

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