50 Things Women *Think* Men Love But They Secretly Cannot Stand

50 Things Women *Think* Men Love But They Secretly Cannot Stand

Most women have no idea that men (at least the men from Ask Reddit) actually find these ‘attractive’ things a turn-off.

1. Her: I’ll wait for him to call me. Guys like a good chase.

Me: Damn. She hasn’t called or anything. She must not be interested.

If you like someone, just let them know. We’re not mind readers and we don’t like chasing you. We’re adults. Not high school students.

2. Fake tans. Nothing is worse than a pretty girl who looks like an orange. Plus, pale skin is attractive to a lot of guys (me) so tanning in general is just kind of unnecessary in some cases.

3. Trying to make men in relationships jealous. Either your are interested in someone else and I am pissed or you are faking interest to get attention in a dysfunctional way. Both are quite bad.

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