50 Things Men Are Sick And Tired Of Explaining To Women

50 Things Men Are Sick And Tired Of Explaining To Women

Listen up ladies, because these men from Ask Reddit have a few things they want us to know.

1. That hinting and hoping are not effective methods of communication. If you want or need something, tell me, don’t just hint and hope.

2. That when I tell her she’s beautiful, I mean it.

The number of times I’ve heard, “you’re just blinded by love” or “you’re not objective” makes this very frustrating. Sorry that I’m not a third party test laboratory operating a double blind study!

3. Honestly, that we just handle situations differently. Neither you or I is “wrong”. Don’t expect me to completely change everything I have done forever. Compromise is the key. So if you want to vent about a problem and not have me try to solve it, just say “I need to vent for a few minutes” so I know you don’t want my help.

If you think that in a relationship we “should” be texting/calling/messaging X amount per week, let’s discuss what works for us both. Don’t just assume because I’m not meeting this magical number you prefer, that I don’t care.

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