50 Slang Words You Should Steal To Embarrass Your Millennial Daughter

50 Slang Words You Should Steal To Embarrass Your Millennial Daughter

These people from Ask Reddit know exactly how to embarrass your kids.

24. Greetings “Ay yo” – Hey “What’s good” – How’s it going/How are you doing/What’s up “Fam/bruh” – Any time you’re calling or greeting someone, you refer to them as such. This will replace bro, dude, babe, honey, sweety, etc. A few years ago the impersonal pronoun of choice was “homie” or “dawg”, but I’d go with the first two for maximum embarrassment. “Squad” – Plural of fam, but Fam can also be plural.

Leaving an event “I’m trynna dip” – I should probably take off
“Finna bounce?” – Should we head out?

Reacting to something crazy/shocking/amazing “BRUH” – No way, Holy crap “Furreal?” – Are you serious? “I’m dead/I’m sleep” – I’m incredulous as to what just happened “I’m shook” – I’m freaking out/shocked/amazed

Having fun “Dope/tight” – Cool “Turn up” – Have fun/Party “Lit” – Happening e.g. This club is lit “Get turnt” – Get drunk “Get lit” – Get drunk or high or both “Light up” – Smoke weed “Baked” – High on marijuana “Mobbin’ hard” – Walking/riding around with a big group of friends (mob)

Insults “You trash” – You’re very inadequate in some aspect of your life “You trippin” – You’re wrong/You’re mistaken, can also mean you’re making a big deal

25. Wuss good, ratchets? Boppin to them bangers, huh? Tight tight tight… well, I’m finna make sumn litty to eat, yall tryna cop? No? Haha savage. But forreal tho fams, ya moms DEADASS just brought home like 2 bags of pizza rolls if ya dig dem joints. Haha hella pizza rolls AF. Anyway… keep hustlin, earn that guap, stay yolo. Big Papa out, YEET!

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