50 Reasons To Seek Therapy Instead Of Relying On A Close Friend To Listen

50 Reasons To Seek Therapy Instead Of Relying On A Close Friend To Listen

Your friends love you, but they won’t always know the right thing to say. If you haven’t been feeling fantastic lately, you should look into seeing a therapist. These people from Ask Reddit agree.

1. I would say just talking to pals is a bit like using Web MD instead of going to a doctor, you might get the right answers and some peace of mind, but the actual nuances of what you are dealing with will likely be lost without the eye of a professional. And sometimes those nuances are the difference between getting useful advice and destructive advice.

2. I don’t feel guilty talking about my problems with my therapist. With my friends I feel like I’m burdening them with my problems, which feels rude and it worries me that they won’t want to be my friend anymore (can you see why I need therapy?).

With a therapist, there’s no guilt. This person has agreed to help me with my emotional burden in exchange for money.

Also, my therapist knows none of my friends. No chance of anything getting back to them.

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