50 Questions To Ask A Girl Before Committing To Her 

50 Questions Men Ask Women Before They Commit

Before you commit to someone, you should ask them these questions from Ask Reddit to make sure you are compatible.

18. Sexual kinks and compatibility. No one thinks to talk about this or ask before a relationship. You’d be surprised how much sex or fetishes/kinks can make or break a relationship.

19. How does she handle money? Seriously, this one is huge. If you’re a spender and she’s a saver then it has the potential to cause issues, if you’re both spenders that’s a definitely going to result in problems, if you’re both savers you’ll need to make sure you’re on the same page about what you’re saving for. Does she pay bills on time? Do you? If you have credit cards do you pay them off monthly or keep a balance? These are potentially big issues that need to be discussed before lifelong commitments are made.

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