50 Questions To Ask A Girl Before Committing To Her 

50 Questions Men Ask Women Before They Commit

Before you commit to someone, you should ask them these questions from Ask Reddit to make sure you are compatible.

45. Depends on what you want and are looking for in a woman.

For example: if you are looking for a partner instead of a dependent, you might want to ask what her education, career, goals and ambitions are.

46. Vaccination.

I dated a girl for about 6 months before my current wife and I met. We’ll call this girl Gillian. Gillian and I got a little drunk one night and out of nowhere she tells me that if we’re going to keep on having sex, then theirs always a chance that she could get pregnant (yeah, I’m aware of how that all works). And, if she gets pregnant then their is “absolutely, no way I’m going to poison that child with a cocktail full of drugs that aren’t proven by science to do anything for a baby!”.

We broke up the next day.

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