50 Questions To Ask A Girl Before Committing To Her 

50 Questions Men Ask Women Before They Commit

Before you commit to someone, you should ask them these questions from Ask Reddit to make sure you are compatible.

44. More so you should ask these before you even think of committing to a relationship, but:

“Are you cool with your parents?”

“Are they still together?”

Also, ask about who their friends are. Chances are, they are all pretty similar. Are her friends people you want to be around or see yourself around? Are they people that would bring positive influence to YOU?

Often times you won’t exactly know who their friends are until later on of knowing a person.

If her friends bother you in any way that makes you question the potential partner herself, skedaddle.

This doesn’t mean ditching someone just because their friends dress like shit, it means ditching em if her friends strike a deeper negative chord in you, not petty stuff, but things that will communicate to you what sort of standards your potential partner has in friends will tell you the sort of standards he / she has for themselves.

A bunch of druggy friends, life failures, promiscuous friends don’t exactly instill confidence in me that a potential mate is a good choice, but these are things that strike a negative chord in me, personally. It will be different for everybody.

This also obviously not exactly 100% true but this will tell you how likely she is to have ‘Daddy Issues’ or a fucked up family / friend life that results in all sorts of issues. Chances are, there’s millions of people directly around you, don’t get lost in infatuation, it’ll make you ignore any red flags, that’s why it is so important to screen a partner early on.

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