50 Puzzling, Unsolved Mysteries Without A Plausible Explanation 

See if you can make sense out of these outrageous stories from Ask Reddit.

1. In college, eating breakfast with 3 friends. All have cereal with milk. One friend, K, also has a glass of milk. He’s seated directly across from me. I watch him pick up the glass and drop it onto his lap. It disappears from my view as it strikes the table. Absolutely no reaction from him. We ask K if he’s ok. K has no recollection of the glass of milk. We search the immediate area and no milk anywhere, no glass anywhere. 3 of us remember the glass of milk. K has no recollection to this day.

2. I was late for an appointment one day and was speeding up a hill with a big curve to the right, the direction I was going. Almost as soon as I got around the curve I saw there was an accident in front of me, blocking both lanes on my side. (Since there were only one or two other cars stuck behind it it must’ve just happened, because there were no emergency vehicles there yet.) To the right of me was a sidewalk where people were standing gawking, and to my left was oncoming traffic in the other two lanes, so I couldn’t go around it, and I was going too fast to be able to stop in time. I knew if I relaxed I was less likely to be as severely injured, so I quickly shut my eyes and relaxed as much as I could.

And absolutely nothing happened.

When I opened my eyes, I could see the crash behind me in my rear view mirror and I was continuing along an empty (on my side) road.

This happened about 35 years ago, and to this day I have no idea how that happened.

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