50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

Anxiety makes everyday tasks difficult — but never assume you are alone in your struggles. These people from Ask Reddit know exactly how you feel.

19. I can’t go to a restaurant without looking up the menu first online so I can plan what I’ll be getting and rehearse it in my head. Once I choose something, every time I go to the restaurant, I will always get the same thing no matter what. I don’t like doing anything on the fly, I like consistent schedules and planning things out. Doing anything spontaneously is extremely difficult for me, to the point that I physically have a hard time doing it. Like my body and brain are screaming.

20. Leaving the house. It’s really ridiculous how many things I can become anxious over when I leave my house, but lo and behold, my mind is great at creating scenarios.

21. Doing something without seeing someone else do it first. Like ordering at a new restaurant, or doing a group activity, or taking communion at a new church. If I don’t see someone else do it first, I’m positive I’ll mess it up and embarrass myself.

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