50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

Anxiety makes everyday tasks difficult — but never assume you are alone in your struggles. These people from Ask Reddit know exactly how you feel.

48. The absolute worst is the sweating. When I get anxious I start sweating, and get really aware and self conscious about it. And the more I think about my sweating, the more I get anxious and sweat. So bad I would be dripping of sweat and have huge sweat patches on my shirt under my arm pits, down my back and under my breasts. I’ve had some weird looks, even people thinking I’m on drugs as I look so nervous and sweating so much. It’s just awful! Sometimes it happens after an embarrassing or awkward moment, other times just for no reason at all. It’s exhausting.

49. Receiving a phone call from a number I don’t know. My mind is always telling me that it’s something bad; I’m getting fired from work, my doctor has bad news for me, a family member has died, etc.

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