50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

Anxiety makes everyday tasks difficult — but never assume you are alone in your struggles. These people from Ask Reddit know exactly how you feel.

4. Calling for food delivery.

I will often settle for something I don’t particularly want simply because I can order it online.

5. It takes me a really long time to write simple emails and text messages. I want nothing to be left to question and be very specific without sounding like an anal psycho.

6. Last-minute changes to plans. I get comfortable with things by mentally preparing for them. Asking me to make a last-minute trip out of town upends my whole emotional house of cards. I’m getting better at it and I try to keep saying yes and pushing myself to recognize that it’s not a threat, but it takes a real effort to be cheerful about it.

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