50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

50 Problems Only People With Anxiety Understand

Anxiety makes everyday tasks difficult — but never assume you are alone in your struggles. These people from Ask Reddit know exactly how you feel.

30. When I have to go somewhere new, especially when it’s pretty far and I need to take the bus or the train. I check the stops multiple times before leaving my house and I do it other multiple times even when I’m on the go. It just drives me crazy because even if i know I’m on the right way I’m still afraid to get lost or something.

31. Driving. I’ve explained to my wife that I struggle with anxiety while driving. You ever miss a turn, and drive 20 miles the wrong fucking way just because you’re too nervous to turn around? If I need to make a turn, I need advanced notice of exactly which turn it is or I’ll freak out and miss it.

32. Making mistakes. It feels like my whole world is collapsing and I’ll never do anything right. I know all the sayings about “you need to fail to succeed,” but it’s very hard for me to feel okay after making a mistake.

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