50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

Sometimes the internet is a scary place. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit. 

13. I was on club Penguin when I was like 8.

There was one other player (she was a pink penguin, I was a red one) who for SOME reason stalked me to no end.

No matter where I went in game, she was there.

No matter when I got online, she was there.

She was always calling me her boyfriend and saying I shouldn’t run away from my girlfriend like that (I don’t even know who the hell she was).

8 year old me was so freaked out, we got help from our sister to make a new account entirely.

14. I was in camp a few years ago and met this cute girl. Out of nowhere she picked up her phone and found an online playlist on some kind of gore website. First video was of a man exiting his burning car while screaming and his skin was melting away. Second video was a woman drowning herself in a bathtub. Third video was of a woman getting stabbed 5 times IN THE FUCKING FACE. The fourth video was of a baby getting hit by a train, and the last video was of a Russian roulette video. I left “early” to go puke.

Needless to say, I wasn’t very keen on her afterwards.

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