50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

Sometimes the internet is a scary place. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit. 

11. Years ago I was playing Diablo 2 on battle . net. In D2 you could create private games that had a password associated with them, or you could have open games that didn’t require a password.

I created a private game with a private password. The name was just random characters, and so was the password (literally just slammed random letter’s and numbers on the keyboard). I was on my way to kill Mephisto when to my surprise a level 1 wizard joined my game.

I immediately began asking them how they joined, what are they doing, etc. About a minute later they responded with these random characters (combination of English alphabet, Cyrlic, and some other stuff). In the response you could clearly make out the words “helpme”.

Almost immediately after that they left.

12. Probably this one before/after picture of a frighteningly realistic human skeleton with some parts to connect the bones on one side, and then a very strange fursuit-looking thing in the same pose as the skeleton on the other side sitting in the same chair, in the same room.

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