50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

Sometimes the internet is a scary place. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit. 

6. It’s 2016 and I am Playing League of Legends with randoms (pretty scary, right?).

I picked mid lane and another player, after I locked in my pick decided they were going to just take mid-lane and was going to troll the game if I didn’t give in.

If you don’t play League, in a situation like this you had to play back then for 20 minute before you could vote to forfeit the game unless the enemy team was really good and could somehow end before then.

So, for wasting my time, I verbally poked this player the whole game and it rolled off him until I said:

You can play at stuff like this all you want, I want you to know though, stuff like this will never make your dad love you.

That was it. I found an open wound in this strangers life and poured molten salt into it. Replies came in all caps – barely coherent. He wasn’t even playing anymore – just spewing rage solely at me.

I enjoy a good jab – but this wasn’t what I was going for. I was hoping more for “Fuck you man, you don’t know me.” and then moving on. Before the match is over, I cede that I was wrong to go there, this clearly triggered them more than shit-talk in a multiplayer game should and I apologize stating that I was wrong to say that

“I love people, and that’s not indicative of how I live my life – I’m sorry. I love people and I love you.”

The game ends.

20 minutes later my cell phone rings “Private Number” or something to that effect. A voice on the other side screams at me…

Fuck you. Fuck your love.

Noped out of LoL for a few years after that. Created a new account. Still the creepiest online encounter of my life.

7. There was an instagram account that posted pics of dead babies and failed births and videos of abusing children.

Kind of traumatized.

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