50 Men Reveal How Their Person Makes Them Feel Strong And Masculine

50 Men Reveal The Way Their Person Makes Them Feel Strong And Masculine

These men from Ask Reddit love it when their partners make them feel big and manly.

1. When she giggles when I pick her up, or when she brings me a drink/food without me asking. I feel like a king getting served and like she’s looking out for me and cares.

2. When I was driving us home late at night, my ex would sleep snuggled up with her head on my shoulder, hand on my bicep, holding my arm to her chest like a little girl with her teddy bear. She had terrible anxiety and trust issues and really put up a tough front, so those moments of trust and vulnerability were like a drug to me.

3. “Hey, can you come look at the car? I think there’s something wrong with it.”

On the outside I’m grumpy that I gotta go fix the car. On the inside though I feel 10 feet tall and manly.

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