50 Men On What Their Girlfriend Does That Makes Them Feel Desired

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The way she looks at me. She’s not exactly a romantic, and I’m usually the one doing all the corny, “cringey”romance stuff, but the way she can use her eyes, especially in a situation where it’d be entirely inappropriate if someone was watching our gaze, to make me know I’m the one person that matters.


I used to date a girl that would snuggle up to me at night and couldn’t stop fidgeting until i cuddled her. Then she would smile and quickly fall asleep. It was heartwarming.


Grab my butt.

It’s a minor thing, but I really appreciate it! :)


Sometimes I’ll stay up and watch TV in bed, while she falls asleep next to me. A couple of times she’d be fast asleep and I’ll feel her leg wrap around mine, and she’ll just gently cling to me.


When we’re in the car, she’ll leave her hand outstretched waiting for mine.


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