50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter's Hand

50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter’s Hand

These engagement stories from Ask Reddit will warm your heart.

6. I texted them asking if we could have dinner. Just the three of us. They called and asked if this was what they thought, I said yes. We agreed to meet at a great deli halfway between us. (They live two hours away).

We sat down, ordered, and chatted a bit and then her father looked at me and goes, “So?”

“I’d like to marry your daughter. “


“Ok so then I’m not paying for dinner.”

“Alright fine you can marry her” :Chuckle:

We ate and chatted more. When it came time to leave I told them to take all the leftovers because my girlfriend would recognize the signature deli platters and wonder why I was near her parents.

That weekend they were going out of town and asked their daughter to house/cat-sit. She texted me on Friday going, “Oh man, my parents went to [amazing deli] and have a ton of leftovers. I get to eat this all weekend. “

Such good food and I didn’t get to have any leftovers. Still bitter about that.

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