50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter's Hand

50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter’s Hand

These engagement stories from Ask Reddit will warm your heart.

37. It was incredibly awkward. I basically showed up out of nowhere in the middle of day while they were eating lunch. He invited me to eat but I said I just needed to talk to him for a couple of minutes after they finished eating.

As soon as I said that, he just looked at me concerned. His face looked like he was expecting bad news. Up to this point I was pretty relaxed and just ready to have an easy conversation. Me and my wife had been dating like 7 years at that point and I knew the family well.

As soon as I saw that expression though, everything changed. I started blabbing back and forth about how it wasn’t bad news, but good news but that it could wait until after they finished eating.

His expression didn’t improve. I could already see his mind racing on wtf to do. He then said we might as well just talk right now. Uh okay..

I told him I wanted to marry his daughter and that I just wanted their blessings before I proposed..

He was shocked and clearly not ready to hear the news. I mean, I could literally see his lip twitch. He didn’t say anything. At this point I’m fucking nervous as hell too. Did I fuck up?…..

I quickly changed to topic back to lunch….we went and sat there awkwardly eating. I tried to keep bringing up how long we’ve been together and how much I loved their daughter. It didn’t really go anywhere.

Afterwards he just said, “if that’s what you kids want to do and you’re ready for it then you guys have our blessing..” I think I was just too weirded out at that point. I was just happy to leave and glad I got that hurdle over with.

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